EEO Investigation, Mediation, Training & Compliance

EEO Investigation, Mediation, Training and Compliance Review

Outside Intervention

We believe in addressing conflict before it gets to a critical point of communication breakdown. However, we know that in reality, breakdowns happen. Unresolved workplace conflict can lead to disrupted relationships, employee disengagement, reduced production and increased time off for stress-related illnesses. Our pool of mediators and investigators understand the importance of objectively working with both sides and getting to the facts of what happened. Our consultants are skilled to examine organizational risk factor situations that could lead to a pattern of concern down the road.

Our services include:

  • Professional Workplace Mediation Services
  • Internal EEO Complaint Investigations
  • Harassment Prevention training (sexual and non-sexual)
  • Workplace Ethics training
  • Empowering Communication Skills for Self-Mediation in the Workplace
  • E-Learning training support

Other ways we can help...

Conflict Risk Factor Assessment

As a small business, growth and the continuous delivery of high-quality products and services are often included in organizational objectives. There is celebration in increased revenue associated with expansion, but unmanaged growth can quickly become a pitfall. The award of a major contract can send a small business employee growth from ten to over 150 within a one to three-year span. Managing 150 employees is quite different from managing ten. Small businesses can find themselves in an unexpected whirlwind--particularly as the employee mix becomes more diverse in ideas and ways of doing things. We help leaders develop a foundational roadmap that builds on strengths and identify potential employee relation issues to avoid.

Conflict Position Statement --We help tell the story

We find that sometimes the difficult conversations can be so stressful that individual affected parties are unable to discuss without the emotional outburst. We work with individuals, in both subordinate and leadership roles, to help them tell their stories in a clear, factual and concise way to navigate to the source of the conflict. Sometimes the route to resolution can be in the power within the written words.