Our Process

Our Process

Creating Engaging Work Enviroments

At Amediate,our consultants specialize in helping clients to create and enhance engaging work environments through systems that incorporate conflict as "creative tension" and eliminate conflict that is "disruptive and destructive." We help our clients incorporate an Integrated Conflict Management System (ICMS) that is customized to their organization. This method is all a part of organizational growth and development for maintaining accountability in reaching business goals and objectives. We particularly address controversy resulting from claims or perceptions of discrimination and unfair treatment that often lead to the attention of agency compliance regulators.

Stop Communication Breakdowns Before They Start

We know that communication is often the culprit for misunderstandings that lead to conflict. Bring our conflict communication professionals in before the communication breakdown is boiling. Let us help you navigate using proactive measures that include our "Workplace Conflict Assessment" tool. Our system methods leave team members and leaders equipped with the skills and confidence to navigate their way through difficult and sometimes awkward and uncomfortable situations. We see win-win as optimum but we also see a comfortable compromise and understanding as a way to move forward.

Workplace Conflict Mediation

For over 20 years we have listened to the candid concerns of front-line leaders and employees where conflict, resulting from cultural and communication differences, have affected workplace performance. Our first-hand knowledge has come from being in the workplace investigating discrimination complaints, mediating conflict and conducting workplace training in the areas of self-mediating skills, sexual and non-sexual harassment and EEO compliance. We have worked with regulators and reviewed countless compliance reports. We know what regulators are looking for and we help you input systems that make compliance a part of how you do business.

If controversial and uneasy communication is already brewing, you have gotten that notice from EEOC that an employee is claiming discrimination, OFCCP is calling to schedule an audit or that Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) is a little behind schedule --contact us now! We can help and we will be with you every step of the way.

Protect Your Reputation

Consider our trustworthy team. Our reputation is everything and when you work with us you can feel confident that our job is not complete until you are satisfied. We say what we do and do what we say --and give you comfort in knowing we don't leave you hanging!