Workplace Systems Review

Workplace Conflict Assessments and Focus Group Facilitation

Your Internal Communication Structures

Our consultants help clients examine internal communication structures and systems that may impede diffusion of important information leading to potential conflict. Our goal is to facilitate what works and allows information to flow in the speediest method to make the most effective decisions at every level within the workplace. Our "Workplace Conflict Assessment Tool" allow us to review and evaluate potential workplace situations where conflict may be brewing.

Focus Group Facilitation

To get to the root of surfacing problems and concerns we sometimes have to create a safe environment where team members can have real conversations and speak candidly about obstacles to reaching goals and objectives. Our consultants are skilled facilitators who have been credited with creating a trusting and free-flowing environment where various options are provided to participants to openly engage in dialogue or submit their feedback through more anonymous means. As an outsider, our clients understand the value we bring when we are able to obtain more reliable and usable information than their efforts produced.

Focus group facilitation can be useful in the following ways:

  • Follow up to Climate Surveys - Climate surveys are often done as a measure of employee satisfaction within the organization. It is important that the results are shared and accurately interpreted. We find that focus group discussion is a way to give clarity to the survey results and address what their checked responses really mean. Without such feedback, it can become very difficult to address comments and bring change or enhancements when there is no real way to interpret the response meaning.
  • Internal and External Customer Service Review - The quality of products and services is crucial to most organization's continued existence. For the workplace, real dialogue can be difficult among internal customers but crucial for building inter-departmental collaboration. A focus group setting can provide that space.

  • Our report analysis includes:

    • a summary of supportive measures already in place within your organization that team members and leaders believe is working and want to keep in place;
    • a summary of measures currently in place within your organization that team members and leaders believe is not working and want to see discontinued or minimized;
    • a comparative summary of communication harmony and gaps within the organization that may affect business goals and objectives;
    • an analysis of best practices and trends within your industry that might be beneficial and enhancing to your organization's communication structure and business growth. This analysis includes a review of workplace regulation compliance and likely areas of concern.
    • We leave clients with recommendations and guidance for embracing the most effective organizational systems conducive to promoting an adaptable workplace in a continuously changing and competitive environment on the global stage.