About Our Workplace EEO Investigator Training

Trained EEO Investigators are in high demand, especially in today’s work environment with the need for employers to change their organizations’ cultures. There’s an increasing need to reduce, prevent, and deal with discrimination, harassment and other EEO-related issues. If you’ve wanted to become an EEO Investigator, now is the time. These professionals are becoming more invaluable than ever, but the right training is required to do the job at a high level.

The Important Role of the EEO Investigator

An investigator’s job is to determine whether illegal discrimination occurred or whether there was a violation of the organization’s policy. A skilled investigator is able to listen and gather facts. When an employee has filed a complaint against an organization, the organization must find out what really happened. Not hearsay, not opinions, but facts. It takes a skilled investigator to go in and get that information while also creating a space where a person is comfortable to tell you all of that.

Why Is Training Important?

In the divided world we live in, organizations need a way to resolve disruptive conflicts before they escalate. Organizations should develop and maintain an environment that is respectful of people from all backgrounds, identities, and cultures. Investigator training is important because you need to have thorough investigative skills, gather information accurately and quickly, and understand how to ask the right questions. Our team at Amediate offers a course that will give you as the investigator, the skills to go out and do a fair and unbiased investigation.

What’s Involved in the Training?

In your role as an investigator, you oversee each investigation. It’s important that you can quickly get the truth, get the facts and leave your bias behind. In Amediate’s upcoming “Workplace EEO Investigator Virtual Training – MD-110 Certification” we provide an overview of the entire EEO investigative process (both federal and private sector), which covers time frames, EEO laws, and theories of discrimination. In our training, we make sure that investigators learn the following:

  • legal and policy updates
  • regulatory and statutory changes
  • investigative skills development
  • roles and responsibilities of an EEO Investigator

What Are the Benefits of the Training?

If you attend Amediate’s EEO Investigator training, you will likely get more knowledge than you ever thought. When you understand the broader picture and how all things connect, it will make so much more sense. In our training, we do engaging activities, provide you with the opportunity to practice doing investigations in the class, and show you how to navigate different responses. After the class is completed, you will have the opportunity to join our exclusive community of other EEO investigators for continuous learning.

Here at Amediate, we want to empower you with skills that will help you navigate through the toughest of conversations and situations. With our training, you’ll gain skills to improve your communication, handle conflict, and be able to critically think and analyze. While you’re studying to become a well-trained Workplace EEO Investigator, you’ll obtain what is needed for dealing with people in and out of the workplace.  Once you’re trained or have leveled up your current skills and added new ones, you’ll be able to apply what you’ve gained for your dream job or to perform better at your current position. Your job will be one that many people appreciate and value as a contribution to ensure workplace equal opportunity for all.

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