Organizational Assessment
& Training

Moving from current state
to desired state

You have a vision for your organization, and Amediate is here to help you reach them. Before deciding on solutions such as training, policy updates, etc., we must understand the current state of your organization—what is really going on? We know that your operational procedures and culture is unique, even that your internal teams have their own culture; and what works for one may not be effective for another. Our consultant help you examine internal structures and systems that impede the diffusion of information leading to conflict. Our goal is to facilitate what works and allows for the effective decision making at every level within your organization.

Our Report Analysis:

  • Summary of supportive measures already in place within your organization that team members and leaders believe is working and want to keep in place;
  • Summary of measures currently in place within your organization that team members and leaders believe is not working and want to see discontinued or minimized;
  • Comparative summary of communication harmony and gaps within the organization that may affect business goals and objectives;
  • Analysis of best practices and trends within your industry that might be beneficial and enhancing to your organization’s communication structure and business growth.

Our Process:

  • Assessment – Take a look at your organization and determine your current state.
  • Diagnose – Analyze the data collected during the assessment to better understand the problems and opportunities for improvement.
  • Prescribe – Determine how to fix the problems and implement solutions: training, policy revisions, additional hiring, etc.
  • Follow-up & Measure – Consistently evaluate how certain changes are impacting your organization and be prepared to make necessary adjustment, as needed.

Skill Development Areas


Whether you are leading change or leading people, we offer course that include Adapting Your Style, Art of Influencing Others, Business Etiquette, Creative Problem Solving and more.


Our business acumen and drive for result offerings include titles such as Balancing Priorities, Developing Your Direct Reports, Civility in the Workplace, Managing Offsite Employees to name a few..


We cover the foundational skills for success in our course like Art of Effective Communication, Critical Thinking Skills, Diversity Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, Ethics in the Workplace, etc.

Ensuring Your Team
Has The Skills To Succeed

We provide training for leaders and followers, understanding that every team member is a contributor to your organization’s overall success or shortcomings. We offer a robust training catalog with customized courses designed to meet the specific needs of your organization. Amediate uses the HPT model (Human Performance Technology) to determine overall learning and performance objectives.

Training courses can be included in your organizational assessment package or as a stand-alone offering.

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