EEO Investigation, Mediation

Resolving Internal Conflict
With Outside Intervention

Specializing in EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) related training and support, Amediate offers a full array of workplace investigation and mediation services and support. Unresolved workplace conflict disrupts relationships, employee engagement, production, and leads to stress-related illnesses. Our pool of mediators and investigators understand the importance of objectively working with all involved parties to get the facts on what happened and expediting conflict resolution.

Our Services Include:

  • EEO Federal and Non-Federal Workplace Investigator Training
  • Professional Workplace Mediation  and Facilited Discussion Services
  • Internal EEO Complaint Investigations
  • EEO Compliance for Leaders
  • EEO Plus Forum for Investigators and Human Resource Professionals
  • Harassment Prevention Training (sexual and non-sexual)
  • Workplace Ethic and Civility Training
  • Conflict Risk Factor Assessment
  • Conflict Position Statement

Support For EEO Investigators

Amediate offers signature services designed to support workplace EEO needs. We work with new and experienced EEO professionals, Human Resource/Employee Relations professionals, independent contractors in federal, public sector (state and local government), private, ono-profit industries, as well as representatives of contract businesses under OFCCP guidelines and those placing workers on federal government sites.

Our training and support provide interactive settings, risk-free learning environments, and engagement with peers and experts in the EEO space.

Training includes: 

  • Federal mandated MD-110 Certificate of Completion and annual refresher
  • PDC credits for SHRM-CP/SCP recertification
  • Ongoing opportunities through our EEO Plus Forum


Our Services

EEO Workplace Investigator Training

Learn investigative skills that include requirements mandated in the 32-hour required training under the EEO Management Directive MD-110. Training supports both federal and non-federal EEO professionals.

Mediation & Investigation

When outside intervention is necessary, we provide trained and experienced professional workplace investigators and mediators to help you objectively manage the internal conflict.

Plus Forum

Forum for professionals ready to engage in real conversation around EEO investigations, stay current through regular legal updates, maintain MD-110 certification, and learn from other EEO professionals.

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