This interactive EEO training is designed for leaders responsible for maintaining a diverse work environment free of discrimination.

Course Objectives

Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws


The Age Discrimination of Employment Act 1967 (ADEA)

The EEO Compliance Role of a Leader

Many leaders are unaware of their EEO responsibilities, and others avoid them. Regardless of the reason, missteps and avoidance can lead to increased complaints that may result in increased expenses in legal costs, financial settlements, and reputation damage.

This training will help organizational leaders understand and meet the compliance goals of EEO policy and law while providing tools that help to increase e employee engagement and retention.

Course Objectives

By successfully completing this course, leaders will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of EEO anti-discrimination laws and compliance.
  • Apply EEO principles for prevention in real workplace scenarios.
  • Recognize and take proactive steps to create a work environment free of sexual and non-sexual harassment.
  • Lead a Diverse Workforce and foster an Inclusive work environment

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What We Do

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What attendees say...

“I liked the small class and participation.” “I appreciated the care and consideration provided to questions posed..” “The discussion on harassment .” “The topics were timely, and the appropriate time was provided to ensure the information was received." The presenter was confident and knowledgeable and provided great responses and examples of questions asked.”