Upcoming Workplace EEO Investigator Virtual Training - MD-110 Certification

January 25-28, 2022, "32-Hour EEO Investigator Training (Register today)
March 24, 2022, "EEO Investigator 8-Hour Refresher Course (Register today)
May 10-13, 2022, "32-Hour EEO Investigator Training (Register today)
May 26, 2022, "EEO Investigator 8-Hour Refresher Course (Register today)
July 26-29, 2022, "32-Hour EEO Investigator Training (Register today)
October 18-21, 2022, "32-Hour EEO Investigator Training (Register today)

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Our Services

We work with management and employees alike to develop empowering skills for self-navigating the tough conversations before the disruption --thus leading to mutual understanding that is integral to an effective workplace.

Organizational Communication

We work with organizational leaders and teams to develop effective communication and leadership skills for navigating difficult workplace situations. Our customized courses are created using techniques for reaching members at every level to make organizations more agile and productive.

Workplace Conflict Assessments - We Get To the Truth

Conflict happens. Creative tension can be a source of growth and breakthroughs. Disruptive and destructive conflict can be the path for a downward spiral. Our professionals know the difference and how to facilitate through solution-driven methods to gain the truth upon which to build.

EEO Investigation, Mediation, Training and Compliance

Unresolved conflict in the workplace can lead to more serious claims that include charges of illegal harassment and discrimination. A thorough and unbiased investigation of the facts can be the best place to start. Learn more about how Amediate can help...

(LLO) Leadership
for the Learning Organization©

LLO is a 6-module course series providing key foundational skills crucial for organizational leaders at every level. LLO modules are custom designed to meet the specific needs of the organization. Participants work together to understand their current workplace culture and the applicable skills needed to self-sustain their desired state.

Emergenetics Consulting Tools and Solutions

Amediate can help through our Emergenetics facilitating services. We know that the first step to being a supportive team member is to self-assess who we are and how we best contribute our knowledge and abilities. The Emergenetics Profile is an individual awareness tool that collectively becomes the breakthrough to understanding and appreciating the diversity of how team members think and connect with each other. Organizations are bolstered, synergized, and transformed when talent development meets strategic business objectives.
Creating a Culture of High Performance: Empowering Employees at the Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) –see case study

Helping Clients Create Engaging Work Environments

Amediate, LLC is a small woman-owned business offering consultant services in conflict management at every level throughout an organization by designing and facilitating customized systems that support a self mediating environment. We accomplish this through formal/informal training and on site facilitation while keeping our clients updated on organizational trends surrounding workplace concerns. Our services are provided to public agencies, non-profit organizations and industry and business.